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Chicken Hawk Transport was founded  in 1999 by brothers Cody & Rob Hooper.  Chicken Hawk Transport began in Twin Falls, ID and has expanded to include Northern Nevada. 

As a family-oriented company, Chicken Hawk Transport is extremely proud to have nearly 50 people as part of their team.  Some have called Chicken Hawk Transport "home" for over 15 years, and we couldn't be more grateful for their commitment to excellence.  Their hard work and dedication has helped Chicken Hawk Transport grow to a fleet with over 45 trucks and 150 trailers.

Our heavy haul division offers extensive knowledge in hauling anything that's over-sized and over-weight.  This list includes specialized heavy equipment, construction and mining equipment, crushing plants, hot plants, loaders, dozers, forklifts and excavators using specialized lowboy trailers from 35 tons up to 100 tons, flatbeds and stretch trailers.

Chicken Hawk Transport has a reputation of being one of Nevada’s best transportation companies for all oil and geothermal drilling equipment moving nearly 50 rigs to date.  We have expertise in using bed trucks, winch truck tandems, tail rolls, cranes and forklifts.  

Our team of experienced professionals will individually tailor your transportation needs with our reasonable rates.

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